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Socialfi belongs to the Web3 application layer. There are not many applications of the Concept of Socialfi now. The ecosystem has not yet exploded, so it is a good time to pay attention to it

  1. DESO

Project introduction: An independent blockchain network that supports traditional social functions such as creating profiles and posts, as well as novel blockchain native functions such as social tokens, tips and NFT, where all information is stored on its chain. At the same time, it supports developers to develop applications based on DESO, connecting users with their applications on the chain.

website: [] (

Media fans: Twitter-1.2W DC-1518


Market cap: $947m

Market: Coinbase

Investor: Coinbase

Comment: DESO is an independent public ecological chain, is different from other independent social product, the function of social support is its underlying ability, support for its ecological all direct link to the user, simply understanding the users of Twitter support now exhibiting NFT and address information, but can support on DESO show all the embedded information and more application functions. Think of it as a more advanced Twitter+Mask. DESO has launched Coinbase, leading exchange investment has given absolute influence and is a Socialfi project worth focusing on in the Web3 ecosystem.


Project introduction:CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol built using IPFS and Ceramic. CyberConnect Gateway provides a common data layer for dApps to start inserting social elements into their users. With CyberConnect, user connection data in each application is aggregated, making social graphs portable across Web3.


Media fans: Twitter-1W-DC-5570

Token: non

Investor: Multicoin, Sky9 Capita, Hashed, Mask Network, etc

Comment:The current number of users has reached 32W, and at the same time, there are 1991W protocols connected to its API interface, providing users with Web3 social networking, and providing user portraits for the project side. The key point is that star investment institutions Multicoin support, and has not issued coins, it is worth participating in the ambush in advance.


Project Introduction: MASK is an expanded application based on Web2.0 media, connecting social media such as Twitter to Web3.0, enabling social media to support ITO (the first IDO mode), encrypted asset transfer and other functions. Is the leader of the Socialfi application layer

Website: mask. IO

Chain: ETH

Media fans: Twitter-6.1W TG-1W DC-5K

Token: MASK

Market cap:: $345m FDV-$11B

Market: UNI GATE


Comment:Socialfi pioneer, plug-in embedded light application, enabling Web2.0 social media, the market size is large enough, and the application is easy to use, user-friendly, plus the strength of capital support, in the web3 boom, has great growth potential, MASK price has fallen to a low point, you can keep an eye on.


Project Introduction: An independent crypto social application, with 19W active crypto users. Users can obtain MONA tokens by Posting content on the platform and following users.


Media fans: Twitter-4W TG-2W DC-3W

Token: XTM

Market cap: $35m FDV-$644B

Market: Huobi Kucoin MEXC Pancake UNI

Investor: Huobi Kucoin

Comment:The product was launched at the beginning of the year, the first independent social platform, high degree of improvement, high user activity, high proportion of overseas traffic, while built-in NFT market and air drop and other sectors, mobile APP will be launched soon, Huobi Kucoin investment support, XTM token has been on the two major exchanges, the current price at the peak of the fall, worthy of attention.


Project Introduction: An independent crypto social application, which can only be invited to join by users who have purchased NFT or who already own NFT, can obtain MONA tokens by Posting content on the platform and following users.

Website: monaconft. IO

Media fans: Twitter-2W DC-16W

Token: MONA


Market: pancake

Investor: 3AC

Comments: The Socialfi project led by 3AC is supported by star investment institutions, but it has many operation slot points after its launch, which is joked by the majority of users. Although there are many negative comments, the mode of content mining still attracts more users to be active, while Socialfi track projects are few. There may be room for growth when the Web3 ecological explosion, which can be noted.



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