KingData | GameFi Daily Recommend 12/24

3 min readDec 24, 2021

GameFi is still a popular track, and new projects are emerging in an endless stream. In order to speed up the efficiency of screening, we will screen by indicators based on investment institutions and supplemented by project overview and market popularity. Efficiently capture high-quality games with pure bloodlines, avoid pit memes, reduce risks, and screen no more than 5 items per day. DOYR!

  1. 3A Metaverse gaming products in surreal style


-Project introduction: a meta-universe game project that integrates society, e-commerce, games and transactions, etc.

-Official website:

-Public chain: SOL

-Media fans: Twitter-10.5W TG-5.9W DC-3.5W

-Token: REAL

-Market: FTX bybit

-Investment institutions: Multicoin Capital.DFG.OKEx Blockdream.ArkStream LONGHASH, etc.

Comment: The game concept is in line with the current meta-universe, well-made, strong game experience, strong investment background, and the media and community are extremely popular, which is worthy of attention

2. Cyberpunk style chain tour is coming!


Project introduction: The Play-to-earn mechanism has opened up the game revolution. SIDUS is conquering this wave by launching the first WEBGL, AAA, Play-to-Earn, NFT and RPG games. Professional teams from three different fields and a large number of their supporters gathered together to launch a AAA-level RPG game based on blockchain and encryption philosophy. SIDUS takes players to a world where major technological changes are taking place.

-Official website:

-Public chain: ETH

-Media fans: Twitter-24.5W TG-12W DC-19W

-Token: Dual Currency Economy SIDUS SENATR

-Market: UNI GATE

Brief comment: The team has rich experience in game design and blockchain projects, well-made games, extremely popular media, and many top-tier big V attentions.

3. The first blockchain MMORTS game


-Project introduction: Kingdom League is the world’s first blockchain MMORTS game, an MMO strategy game that competes for the supremacy of the mainland. Through NFT technology, you can completely own the territory, and you can also trade at any time. The transparent blockchain election system guarantees that everyone can participate in the opportunity to rule the mainland.

-Official website:

-Public chain: ETH

-Media fans: Twitter-1.7W TG-12W

-Token: unissued coins are settled in ETH DAI

Brief comment: In the early stage, many star investment institutions blessed, it is worth ambush

Hashed led the investment of US$3 million. A16z, Binance Lab, Sequoia Capital India, BlockTower Capital, Sky Vision Capital, YGG, and South Korean blockchain ecosystem builder DeSpread are all participating in the strategic investment.

4. A business-centric meta-universe game


-Project introduction: Created by LumiereVR, a visual VR retail company. The company used to be a service provider for brands such as Hershey Chocolate, Victoria’s Secret and L’Oreal. Buy real products from the brand in the world.

-Official website:

-Public chain: ETH BSC

-Media fans: Twitter-7.1W TG-4W DC-8K


-Market: HIGH has launched Binance gate, DEX is mainly pancake

Comment: Binance and Animoca Brands led the investment. Metaverse + e-commerce is highly innovative. The brand resources accumulated by the founding team in traditional industries are its unique team resource advantage. It has strong practicality and is connected to traditional retail consumption. It is a rare opportunity for blockchain to get out of the circle. Together with Binance’s strong support for listing, the market outlook is worthy of attention.




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