GrowthPad User Guide

2 min readJun 10, 2021

Step1: Open the main activity page.

Enter GrowthPad activity page


Step2: Enter the specific activity page.

Select MDEX, Coinwind, or Channels; In addition, the fourth growth task which will give you an extra 12,000 USDT reward. Click “View more” to enter the specific activity page.

Step3: Complete the reward task.

For example, completing the MDEX task and completing reward task 1.

Be sure to register the correct address for receiving rewards first, otherwise you will not be able to perform the following reward tasks.

2) Complete tasks as required.


A. Telegram home page →Setting →Edit →Username, specific please refer to the following picture:

B. You can check whether you have successfully entered the Telegram group by speaking after entering the group. If you have to complete the group task before enter it, please complete the task first.

Both CoinWind and Channles can refer to this document. Please fill in the reward receiving address according to the requirements of the activity. BSC and HECO chains need to be distinguished.

Tips: If the task has been completed, the system prompt “validation failed”. Please do not verify again, we will solve it before the task ended.




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