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8 min readMar 4, 2022

KingData | Crypto Trends Analysis Daily

As a leading blockchain data service platform, KingData processes massive amounts of projects and information every day. In order to more easily gain insight into crypto trends and potential investment opportunities, KingData has launched [KingData | Crypto Trends Analysis Daily]. One analysis articles per day. Capture the development vane of each track, better focus on potential tracks, detect hot events, and gain insight into the latest trends in the crypto.

Risk warning: This article only collects and summarizes market information. The content is time-sensitive and has certain risks. The opinions in the article are one-sided and do not constitute any investment advice! DYOR!

Today’s hot search keywords:MetaMask、Lido

Trends Overview

DeFi: The market has declined with the market correction, some new public chain performance is still strong.

NFT: The market continued to decline, the FOMO period has passed, the overall mood tends to calm.

一、New trends worth watching in DeFi

Affected by the hungry Ukraine war and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike expectations, the market upside again appeared resistance, DeFi market also synchronous decline. Some new public chain performance is still strong, but the public chain token is still the overall trend of the market. Waves is back on the gainers’ list and is worth watching.



(1) MetaMask responded to IP blocking event: Some users were unable to access due to Infura configuration error, and the problem has been corrected

MetaMask is a client wallet dedicated to giving everyone maximum access to the blockchain, “MetaMask’s social media account clarified on March 4.” Some users were unable to access the blockchain due to an Infura configuration error, which has been corrected.” In addition, Infura, an API service provider for Ethereum and IPFS, said it had incorrectly configured some configurations to comply with new sanctions in the United States and other jurisdictions, causing outages in some areas that have now been restored. MetaMask uses Infura as its default endpoint. Due to Infura configuration issues, MetaMask was temporarily inaccessible to users in places like Venezuela. In addition, MetaMask reminds that users can modify the default endpoint Settings as needed or in the event of any service interruption.

Original link:https://twitter.com/MetaMask/status/1499448223399759896

(2) Terra Eco P2E Game Derby Stars has completed a seed round led by Patron and Galaxy Interactive

On March 4, Terra Eco-P2E NFT Derby Stars announced the closing of a seed round led by Patron and Galaxy Interactive, Hashed, Arrington Capital, Jump Crypto, Alan Howard, Mechanism Capital, SkyVision Capital and others invested for an undisclosed amount. According to the team, the funds raised will be used to improve the quality of the game, recruit development, business, and community team members to expand market share, and build partnerships in the metasverse ecosystem.

Original link:https://medium.com/@DerbyStars/derby-stars-closes-seed-round-co-led-by-patron-and-galaxy-interactive-dc69969e2892

(3) The Central Bank of Brazil will jointly develop CBDC digital real with nine projects including Aave

Brazil’s Central Bank has chosen nine partners to help develop the central bank’s digital currency, the real, InfoMoney reported March 4. Among them are Aave, Mercado Bitcoin, Santander Brasil, Itau Unibanco and others. The project will start on March 28 and run until July 27


(4) Liquidity pledge agreement Lido received $70 million investment from A16Z

On March 4th, Lido, a liquidity pledge agreement, was invested by A16Z with usd 70 million, and A16Z used Lido to pledge part of ETH held in the beacon chain.

A16z says ethereum’s upcoming transition from proof of work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS) has the potential to have a cascading effect across cryptography. There are still significant hurdles to pledging ETH, with a minimum of 32 ETH required to run a node. So A16Z invested in Lido, which provides one of the easiest ways to pledge ETH and other PoS assets, while striving for decentralization through DAO governance. Lido democratizes pledging.

Original link:https://twitter.com/okx/status/1499686600909139976

二、New trends worth watching in NFTs

The market presents shock downward trend, project supply has been reduced. Although many believe that NFT has entered a calm period in the bear market, NFT with a stronger IP background and story can still attract market attention. Traditional markets still pay high attention to NFT, and well-known IP and companies continue to enter the layout. In the long term, NFT track still has the potential to explode again.



(1) Jay Chou applied for the registration of the trademark of “JTEA Meta-universe”

Jay Chou’s Mojie E-sports (Beijing) Culture Development Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of the trademark “JTEA Yuan Universe” on February 28, international classification includes food, wine, education and entertainment, etc., currently the status of the trademark is under application.

It is understood that Magic Jie e-sports (Beijing) cultural Development Co., Ltd. was established in May 2016, wholly-owned by magic Jie e-sports (Kunshan) Network Technology Co., LTD., jay Chou and IDG capital co-founded the e-sports brand.

Original link:https://www.tianyancha.com/company/2358072878

(2) Manifold teamed up with Shopify to launch the NFT creator tool, Manifold Bridge

On March 4, NFT foundry platform Manifold partnered with e-commerce giant Shopify to launch NFT creator tool Manifold Bridge, which can be easily configured and applied to ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standard NFT. Integrating Shopify with the official Manifold X Shopify application enables creators to specify specific physical goods to be purchased or claimed by a verified NFT holder.

Original link:https://manifoldxyz.substack.com/p/manifold-merch-bridge-now-on-shopify?s=w

(3) Orange Comet the Walking Dead series NFT has officially launched on OpenSea

The Walking Dead series is currently priced at 0.298ETH, according to OpenSea. The Walking Dead series is currently priced at 0.298ETH.

On February 3, Orange Comet announced a partnership with AMC to become the NFT publisher and marketer of the Walking Dead and its surrounding meta-universe.

Original link:https://opensea.io/collection/thewalkingdeadofficial?tab=activity

(4)Attack on Titan will release the Flow-based NFT platform Attack on Titan: Legacy

On March 4, Attack on Titan: Legacy, a Flow-based NFT platform, announced that it was coming online. The platform offers highlights from the Attack on Giants animation for sale as NFT, licensed by Kodansha and Anique USA.

Original link:https://gamebiz.jp/news/344495

3.Popular Project

upcoming project

(1) Everai

Introduction: Mehdi Aouichaoui’s series of 3D elaborately designed heroic themed NFT

Details: https://kingdata.com/nft/387837?type=discuss&lang=en&utm_source=blog

NFT Supply: 10000

MINT Price: associates


Whitelist: You can participate in a Twitter activity or complete an activity in Discord

Comments: Mehdi’s producer Mehdi Aouichaoui is a product giant who has worked on: One Piece, Star Wars Vision, Dragon Ball, My Academy of Heroes, Boruto, Jiu-Do Kassen, and more. Quentin Pointillart(Toei Animation, Elders Scrolls Legends, Blade Runner 2049 Black Lotus, Hitman Sniper 2, Gumball, etc.) In addition, regardless of whether you know him or not, having this NFT will give you the opportunity to communicate with artists 1-on-1, which is worth paying attention to.

(12) Fishman’s Laboratory

Introduction: It belongs to the exclusive NFT of fish friends

Details: https://kingdata.com/nft/388059?lang=en&utm_source=blog

NFT Supply: 12,121

MINT Price: 0.121 the ETH

MINT time: TBA

Whitelist: You can participate in a Twitter activity or complete an activity in Discord

Comments: 3D production of this work, fine craftsmanship, with many big V platforms, fan base, NFT can be combined offline and online later, the product team operation ability is very strong, many AMA activities, is worth paying attention to a potential project.

Real-time hot NFT


24h Gas Burn ranked Top1

Introduction: NFT of alien mecha + warrior elements initiated by famous design director

Details: https://kingdata.com/nft/388956?lang=en&utm_source=blog

NFT Supply: 30000

Floor Price: 0.259 the ETH

Whitelist: You can participate in Twitter activities or view details in DISCORD

Comments: Ben Mauro is the creator of this product. He was the senior concept designer and art director for Halo and Call of Duty, and worked on Elysium, Chappie, and J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit offers plenty of advice. This work is temporarily composed of 3 series, each part 10000, the third part has been sold out, this product has a large fan base and big V platform, is definitely worth paying attention to.

Top2 in 24h Gas Burn chart and Sales chart

(2) 8SIAN Main Collection

Introduction: NFT for beautiful Asian women

Details: https://kingdata.com/nft/388509?lang=en&utm_source=blog

NFT Supply: 8888

Floor Price: 0.135 ETH

Comments: the concept of feelings is a kind of deep, this product is an advocate for Asian beauty and nostalgia, is not the 3 d effect, but reflects Asian female image in the heart of the Asian, the product has a lot of big V platform, aimed at the feelings will be pushed to the surrounding people, the first is almost sold out, if you are interested in Asian culture, can focus on.

三、Today’s whales to watch

(1) Ethereum’s fourth largest whale transfers 15,000 ETH to Crypto.com exchange

According to KingData, Ethereum’s fourth largest crypto whale, today transferred 15,000 ETH to the Crypto.com exchange, valued at $40.844,500.

Check out more about the Whale informationhttps://kingdata.com/whaleaddress?lang=en&utm_source=medium




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