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As a leading blockchain data service platform, KingData processes massive amounts of projects and information every day. In order to more easily gain insight into crypto trends and potential investment opportunities, KingData has launched [KingData | Crypto Trends Analysis Daily]. One analysis articles per day. Capture the development vane of each track, better focus on potential tracks, detect hot events, and gain insight into the latest trends in the crypto.

Risk warning: This article only collects and summarizes market information. The content is time-sensitive and has certain risks. The opinions in the article are one-sided and do not constitute any investment advice! DYOR!

Trends Overview

DeFi: TVL is on the rise, with new DeFi protocols coming to the fore.

NFT: User trading sentiment is growing, there is still frequent capital injection into the market, NFT still has the potential to continue to grow.

一、New trends worth watching in DeFi

The DeFi market is basically in line with the trend of the broader market, with TVL showing a growth trend and emerging DeFi protocols growing rapidly. Stacks public chain TVL has grown significantly and its public chain token STX performance seems to be underestimated.



(1) Japanese financial giant Nomura Holdings will launch a new “digital company” on April 1 to enter the digital asset market

On March 3, according to Nomura Holdings’ official website, the Osaka-based Japanese financial giant revealed a restructuring of its Future Innovation Company, A new “Digital Company” is expected to be formed, effective April 1.

Digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, securities and NFT are emerging as a new asset class, Nomura said. With the launch of the new “Digital Company”, Nomura will further strengthen its collaboration with all digital finance sectors, including digital assets.

Nomura group President and chief executive officer Mr Ediart aso (Kentaro Okuda) says: “digital technology is the key part of our business strategy to expand private market driven, new digital company will lead the internal and external stakeholders, and support more in-depth cooperation, accelerate the nomura use of digital technology, further enhance customer service.”

Original link:https://www.nomuraholdings.com/news/nr/holdings/20220301/20220301_c.pdf

(2) ENS registered 67,000 new domain names in February

ENS released its February data review on its social networking site: 67,000 new domain registrations; The agreement generated approximately $4 million in revenue, all of which will go to ENS DAO; Add 28,000 Ethereum accounts with at least one ENS domain name.

Original link:https://twitter.com/ensdomains/status/1498815814870306816?s=20&t=6zcESSEPD5NDxowar4Kz4w

(3) Stacks Eco Project Mechanism announced the closing of an $8 million financing round

In a post on social media, Jeff Stacks CEO of Ecoproject Mechanism says that The fund has raised $8 million from an undisclosed investor. The funds will be used to recruit developers and support developers on the Stacks chain.

It is understood that Mechanism plans to use Stacks to design and build protocols on bitcoin to increase bitcoin’s GDP.

Original link:https://twitter.com/jefftoshi/status/1499032761188945925

二、New trends worth watching in NFTs

The NFT market is in a range of shocks, trading volume slightly rising trend, although the frequent occurrence of safety accidents, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of well-known companies to enter the NFT field.



(1) Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister said: Decided to cancel the airdrop and announce the NFT plan.

Ukraine’s deputy prime Minister tweeted: after careful consideration, we have decided to cancel the airdrop. We will announce the NFT plan soon. We do not have any plans to issue any homogenized tokens.

Original link:https://twitter.com/FedorovMykhailo/status/1499348177002151937

(2) NFT platform Snowcrash announced a partnership with SONY Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group

Snowcrash, a Solana-based NFT platform, has announced a partnership with SONY Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group with plans to launch the Bob Dylan and Miles Davis NFT series later this year.

Original link:https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/564426996/snowcrash-announces-innovative-nft-platform-launch

(3) Billboard and Universal Music have teamed up to launch NFT project “ChartStars”

Billboard and Universal Music are collaborating on a flow-based NFT project called ChartStars. The NFT series will be artist-centered and will include music videos and album photos to celebrate the milestone development of the Billboard charts.

Original link:https://www.theblockcrypto.com/post/136095/billboard-and-universal-music-group-partner-to-launch-nft-project

(4) Loopholes appeared in the TreasureDAO NFT trading market, and the project team is repairing them

The TreasureDAO NFT trading market based on Arbitrum was found vulnerability, the current project team is repairing the vulnerability and promised to provide solutions to the affected users. Affected by this, the TreasureDAO ecological Token MAGIC price fluctuations, 24 hours fell 12.09%.

(5) Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Animoca Brands seek to enter the NFT market

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) has announced that it is partnering with Animoca Brands, a Web 3.0 company, to try to build NFT publishing and marketing operations. It is understood that this is the first time for the Japanese banking industry to participate in NFT related business. Mufg said its experience and knowledge as a financial institution will enable the group to launch the NFT business, which is scheduled to go online as early as 2022

Original link:https://coinpost.jp/?p=326233

(6) IMA Financial Group has joined Decentraland metauniverse to provide NFT insurance services to its users. Popular project

IMA Financial Group, an integrated Financial services company, has announced the arrival of Decentraland and the establishment of a research and development facility called Web3Labs within the metauniverse. We plan to provide NFT insurance services to our users. Justin Jacobs, SENIOR vice President of marketing and Architect of Web3Labs at IMA Financial Group, says that in addition to simply doing business on Decentraland, IMA wants to explore the entire metacosmic ecosystem, This includes being able to advise clients on issues such as DeFi that are concerned about their risks.

IMA Financial Group is an integrated Financial services company focused on protecting the assets of its broad customer base through insurance and wealth management solutions.

Original link:https://www.coindesk.com/business/2022/03/02/ima-financial-plans-to-start-selling-nft-insurance-in-decentraland/

3.Popular Project

upcoming project

(1) Bapes

Introduction: 3D APE themed NFT.


NFT Supply: 8888

MINT Price: 0.15 ETH

MINT time: 3.12 7:00am (UTC+8)

Whitelist: Not much left

Comments: Classic 3D ape image, strong three-dimensional sense, texture. A real name team, whose members are well-known in the NFT field. There are promotion activities, but there is less cooperation with well-known project parties and KOL. There is a small number of KOL followers in the NFT field, so the fan base is weak.

(2) Noble Society

Introduction: NFT with noble ape theme.


NFT Supply: 8888

MINT Price: 0.08 ETH

MINT time: TBA

Whitelist: associates

Comments: more popular ape image NFT, the elements of individual innovation, design attention to details. Team members have fewer information flaws. At present, there are not many promotion actions. Only a few well-known Kols paid attention to this project, which is a very early project and can be appropriately maintained.

Real-time hot NFT

(1) KPOP CTzen

24h Gas Burn ranked Top1

Introduction: NFT with music theme.


NFT Supply: 8000

MINT Price: 0.265 ETH

Comments:: rare music theme combined with 2D cartoon design style, very characteristic. Team members have fewer information flaws. Currently, the promotion efforts are mediocre. Recently, GAS BURN is in the MINT stage, resulting in rapid growth. Community fans are average, less interaction. There is not a large amount of KOL concern, so it can be maintained appropriately.

(2)Terraforms by Mathcastles

Top1 in the 24h market value growth list

Introduction: On-chain land Art from a dynamically generated on-chain 3D world.


NFT Supply: unknown

MINT Price: 0.44 ETH

Comments: There are currently 69 whales holding. The number of trading users grew steadily, and the average price fluctuated greatly. Currently, no official website has been developed and OpenSea is directly online. Look through trading data, at present floor price is occurrence bigger fluctuation, can maintain attention appropriately.

三、Today’s whales to watch

(1) Sun Yuchen transferred 19,000 ETH pieces to Binance Exchange, with a value of 55.022,500 USD

According to KingData data monitoring, KingData large address tracing marked as Sun Yuchen x3ddfa8ec3052539b6c9549f12cea2c295cff5296 (0) to the Binance exchange into 19000 19 hours ahead of the ETH. Specific transfer path for Sun Yuchen 5296 address to Sun Yuchen another wallet address (0 x176f3dab24a159341c0509bb36b833e7fdd0a132), Turn to 0 xdac55181425c95d2d436c74768cc13937bbfa665 (presumably COINS for currency Ann’s personal address), turn to be marked Etherscan Binance exchange address.

(2)Three arrow Capital reduced its holdings of 141,600 FTT pieces, worth 6,397,800 DOLLARS

The address marked as Three Arrows Capital by KingData address tracker

Underweight (0 x4862733b5fddfd35f35ea8ccf08f5045e57388b3) in one hour before 14.16 FTT, flow FTX exchange wallet address, worth $6.3978 million. At present, there is no FTT in the address of Three arrow Capital Wallet.

(3) BTC SuperWhale increased its holdings of bitcoin by 189.8 coins today

According to KingData data monitoring, BTC super website address (15 pqabhfwfephrqmxapbs3qrllpb7e2umb) today with an average of $43751 to increase 189.8 BTC, worth $8.3 million. He currently holds 13,937.15 BTCS with a total value of $609 million, ranking 59th on the Bitcoin Whale list.

Check out more about the Whale information:https://kingdata.com/whaleaddress?lang=en&utm_source=medium



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