Be a good Web3 whistle blower, KingData officially launched the open platform of data monitoring

Since its launch, KingData has been focusing on Web3 data monitoring, providing monitoring services for 7x24 hours. At present, KingData covers more than 20 fields such as Smart Money, Investment and Financing, Public Opinion, Derivatives, Security, DeFi, NFT, DAO, GameFi, Whale, etc. Some popular indicators have more than 200,000+ followers, more than 300+ paid users, and more than 180+ quality opportunities or risk alerts per day on average. We have cooperated with more than 100 communities. It has gradually developed into the most important monitoring infrastructure of the Web3 ecosystem. We aim to become the essential monitoring tool to help users avoid missing any opportunities.

Why launch an open platform for data monitoring, aiming to be a good Web3 whistle blower, and the community to build the richest data movement alert platform on the whole network

Data monitoring is the most basic and important measure to ensure the health, stability and security of the ecosystem. The importance of data monitoring is especially important in the Web3 environment, where all data is open, opportunities in the industry are endless, and assets security is a serious concern. Today, there is no shortage of good and professional data analysis platforms in the Web3 data space, and a variety of specialized data API services have emerged. However, because of the professionalism and fragmentation, the distance between these data and users is getting farther and farther. How to understand these professional data? How to quickly filter valuable data information from the sea of data and other problems plagued every user. However, the data is related to the safety of each user’s money. At this time, a bridge is urgently needed between data and users, and this bridge is data monitoring.

To build this bridge, we need more users to put forward their monitoring needs, more developers to complete the development of these monitoring needs, and more data service providers to provide basic data services. In order to better solve the relationship between developers, users and data service providers, KingData officially launched the Open Platform.

With the KingData open platform, anyone can develop any monitoring logic, for any data source. These monitoring logics will serve all users in the industry when they are developed. As shown in the diagram, KingData is currently doing a lot of secondary development based on these well-known data platforms. We also hope that through the next open platform, we can attract more developers to join in, tap more data value, and bring more monitoring services to industry users. Inside the closed loop of the current open platform.


1、Can follow the official open platform tutorial to develop any indicators they are interested in.

2、You can go to KingData’s community Dev Bounties platform to get the monitoring indicators development tasks rewarded by the community users, and the bounty for each indicator ranges from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

3、Developers can also set theirs developed indicators as VIP in KingData platform, and the platform will regularly give developers a 50% revenue share of the revenue of VIP metrics.


1、Users can focus on using any community-developed monitoring indicators in KingData to ensure that they do not miss any market opportunity through these monitoring indicators.

2、When users do not find their own satisfactory indicators, they can reward developers to develop: go to the reward. You can also follow the progress of indicator development here: Deworks. The same user bounty development VIP indicators, when online and developers share 50% of the VIP indicator revenue.

Data provider:

1、Provide high quality data analysis service API, or original database.

2、Through KingData monitoring platform, the value of data provided by itself is passed to every user in the industry.

At present, KingData mainly integrates with more than 10 data service providers such as Due, Nanse, Flipside, TheGraph, Messari, Glassnode and so on. KingData believes that with the launch of the open platform, more monitoring services will be created to meet the monitoring needs of different users in the industry. KingData believes that with the launch of the open platform, more monitoring services will be created to meet the monitoring needs of different users in the industry.

So far, 14 developers have joined KingData’s open platform in Deworks’ Web3 community open platform.


KingData is entirely a community-driven development and managed data monitoring platform, all pushed content is for reference only and not for any investment advice. More developers are welcome to join.

Open platform:

Developer Space:



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