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Trends Overview

DeFi: The market oscillates synchronously with the trend of the market. The data of some public chains fluctuate greatly, and the market activity is still relatively general.

NFT: Overall market data continues to be lower, activity is significantly lower, and the market remains calm about new projects.

一、New trends worth watching in DeFi

After THE withdrawal of AC, the overall DeFi data also showed a sharp decline, and the data has gradually recovered. In the current market is not booming, strong public chain can still maintain the results of continuous growth, true is not easy, worthy of continued attention.



(1) Web3 data infrastructure BlockVision completed $5 million seed round financing, led by Qiming Venture Capital

On March 8, Web3 data infrastructure BlockVision announced the completion of a $5 million seed round of financing led by Shima Capital, Synergis Capital and Qiming Venture Capital. 6th Man Ventures, Collab+Currency and VIABTC Capital participated. The new money will be used to accelerate product development.

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(2) Liquidity services Agreement Deliq Finance completes $2.1 million financing, with LD Capital and others participating

Deliq Finance, based on Avalanche’s liquidity services agreement, has announced the closing of a $2.1 million private financing round, The round was funded by Shima Capital, LD Capital, Polka Carter, Bixin Ventures, Ghaf Capital, Colony Labs, 7 O ‘clock Capital, Extra Watts, DCI Capital, Greenhorns, ZBS Capital, Gains Associates, Damo Labs, Avstar Capital, GTA Ventures, VRM Ventures, Cryptodiffer, Top7, Cryptofomo, etc. Deliq Finance plans to launch ID0 on Polka Carrier this month.

Deliq Finance is a decentralized mobility layer that provides seamless mobility to the DeFi ecosystem at Avalanche. Deliq Finance uses a unique liquidation-by-staking mechanism that aggregates Liquidity ina transparent manner and channels it ina decentralized manner.

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(3) Venture capital firm OP Crypto’s Fund OP Ventures Fund I completed a $50 million financing, and Bill Ackman participated in the investment

On March 8, OP Ventures Fund I of OP Crypto, a venture capital firm focused on blockchain, raised $50 million. Participants include billionaire Bill Ackman, Solana co-founder Raj Gokal, Terra founder Do Kwon, Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal, billionaire Alan Howard and Asian gaming mogul Animoca Brands. The fund will focus on investing in virtual worlds, gaming, social media and decentralised finance.

OP Crypto is led by David Gan, a former Morgan Stanley analyst and former director of strategy at Crypto trading platform Huobi, and has invested in cryptographic games Such as Merit Circle and Aurory.

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(4) Aave initiates the proposal to vote on adding UST to Aave V2

On March 8, Aave launched a community initiative vote to add TerraUSD (UST) to Aave V2, providing more Stablecoin options for Aave borrowers and lenders. The added UST version will be USTw (Wormhole UST), and the feed price of the Prophecy machine will be provided through ChainLink, including the FEED price of UST/ETH.

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二、New trends worth watching in NFTs

Market data continues to decline, showing a state of negative decline. Recently, high-quality new projects began to increase, and the decline rate was slightly reduced. With the attention of the outside market to NFT and the layout of its entrance, the vitality of the market is expected to be awakened again.



(1) NFT of 3 original Doge photos was traded at 420.69 ETH

On March 8, three original Doge photos sold for 420.69 ETH ($1,060,409), according to Etherscan data. The buyer’s Feisty — Doge address 0 x0aaef7bbc21c627f14cad904e283e199ca2b72cc.

The original pictures are called “Yelling Doge”, “Angry Doge” and “Sad Doge”. The photos, which were originally taken by Shiba inu owner Atsuko Sato and shared on her personal blog, went viral and became Doge’s most iconic Meme images.

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(2) Behance, Adobe’s creative display platform, integrates Phantom wallet and supports NFT display on Solana chain

Behance, the creative showcase platform owned by Adobe, announced on March 8th that users can now connect their Phantom wallet to their Behance account and display Solana on-chain NFT on their profile. Behance creators can already display NFT minted on the Ethereum blockchain on their profiles, and with the Phantom Wallet integration, this feature will be extended to the Solana blockchain.

Phantom said the integration with Behance would be significant for Solana’s on-chain creator economy, as artists would be able to “explore NFT in an environmentally friendly and low-cost way”.

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(3) DeFi trading terminal DexGuru announced the start of DexGuru DAO, specific users will be able to cast early governance NFT

On March 8, DeFi trading terminal DexGuru announced the start of DexGuru DAO and announced the details of the boot stage. Qualified users will cast Guru Season Pass NFT, so as to participate in governance mining during the DAO boot stage. It is then up to the DAO to decide when and how to roll out the governance Token GURU.

The eligible users include community users who paid Tips to DexGuru before February 1, 2022, LobsterDAO NFT holders, DEXT Token holders, UniWhales Token holders, and Chartex Token holders Holder, AstroTools Token holder, the above user whose address has been whitelisted will be able to cast Guru Season Pass NFT.

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3.Popular Project

upcoming project

(1) Meta Triads

Introduction:Meta Triads is a series of 3D elaborately designed Cyberpunk themed NFT


NFT Supply: 10000

MINT Price: Presale 0.09 / Public Sale 0.18 ETH

MINT Time: 2022/3/15 05:00 UTC

Whitelist: You can participate in a Twitter activity or complete an activity in Discord

Comments:Meta Triads is one of the most popular projects with a strong background. Bezani is the designer of Meta Triads, a Hollywood celebrity designer who is also the founder of Femme Maison and George Bezani. Meta Triads raised $450,000 to set up the studio and build all the required scenes before the launch, and declared that they were fully invested in the project. Their NFT is beautifully designed and 3D designed, with many famous BIG Vs and fans. In addition, their NFT design has breeding function. Since two NFTS can produce one new NFT, this design makes NFT rare to the point that if you want to find a project worth paying attention to, Meta Triads is definitely your choice.

(2) Blvck Paris

Introduction: Black Art NFT


NFT Supply: 9999

MINT Price: associates


Whitelist: You can participate in a Twitter activity or complete an activity in Discord

Comments:Blvck Paris is an eponymous fashion house led by French designer Julian O ‘Hayon. Blvck is known for its “all-black” clothing, accessories and digital goods. Blvck is committed to creating an ideal lifestyle of quality and design, from visual content to merchandise. The artists who make black art are capable of far more than fame. The project has a solid fan base, a large number of big V platforms, its quality really needless to say, it is worth mentioning that the purchase of their NFT can also be exchanged for physical limited edition, participate in their offline activities and meet artists. Worthy of attention.

Real-time hot NFT

(1) The Bibiz

Top1 in 24h Gas Burn chart and Sales chart

Introduction: African metaverse theme Human NFT


NFT Supply: 4900

Floor Price: 0.75 the ETH

Whitelist: You can participate in Twitter activities or view details in DISCORD

Cyberpunk’s parody product has attracted a lot of fans and fans are crazy about it. 4900 NFT sold out in 30 seconds. Its content is worth paying attention to and pondering.

24h Gas Burn 榜单和Sales榜单 Top2

(2) loserclub

Introduction: Spiritualist NFT built with loser as the theme


Floor Price: 0.16 ETH

Comment: A loser’s garbage can project, its project description is a refuge for losers, the project has a huge fan base and big V support, from a certain point of view to win a large number of people. The author of this NFT is J’von, a successful artist who considers himself as a “loser” all his life. He and his team have released many works, which have attracted attention, but they still call themselves as losers all the time. Is this noble low-key, or deliberately created? The project sold out quickly after it started, and one can expect another batch of work from the losers.

三、Today’s whales to watch

(1) Ethereum’s top 1000 whales have substantially increased their LUNA, FTM and YFI holdings in the past 24 hours

ETH ranked first among the top 10 tokens with the most increased holdings in the past 24 hours, followed by LUNA, FTM, YFI, AXS and SAND.

Check out more about the Whale information

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